[Opposed Application HH 319-17]

November 30, 2016 and May 24, 2017


Company law – Judicial management – Company under judicial management – Writ of execution against property of such company – Requirement that writs against company are stayed and may not be proceeded with without leave of court – Extent of court’s discretion to grant leave – Companies Act
[Chapter 24:03] – Section 301.

Applicant, as the plaintiff, was granted a judgment against the first respondent, which was the defendant, by this Court. Respondent sought a stay of execution of the judgment on an urgent basis. The matter was removed from the roll on the basis that it was not urgent. An appeal to the Supreme Court against the order removing the urgent application from the roll was struck off the roll. Applicant caused a writ of execution to be issued in order to recover the judgment debt.

Held, that the discretion reposed in the court in respect of execution of a writ against a company which is under judicial management must, like in every case where the court has a discretion, be exercised judicially upon a consideration of the relevant factors and circumstances.

Held, further, the court would not readily accede to a request for leave to execute against a company under judicial management where such execution would destroy the company and prejudice all other creditors.

Held, further, the court must equally be sensitive to the reality that the interests of the applicant are also relevant and must be protected.

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Legislation considered:

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Companies Act [Chapter 24:03], ss 299, 300, 301 (1)

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I Ndudzo, for the applicant

T Magwaliba, for the first respondent

No appearance for the second respondent

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